Drupal 7 validating form on ajax Adultchatfree

The followings are parameter names that Word Press uses in a query: .For example, ‘name’ is used in the query, so ‘name’ is not available for a field name.The server-side script should make sure that the data it processes is a valid form submission.

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my Page loads a Form with all the details of the record loaded in the form. If i don't edit any fields in the form and just clicks submit button. But if I Edit any input field and then click submit. It works absolutely fine in IE I tried changing my Submit Button i see that this is an old thread, but i just experienced the same exact problem with chrome not liking my submit button.

When user clicks on Edit in a list of Records Grid.

Yes, there are some words that are not available; but this is actually not a restriction of Contact Form 7, but a restriction of Word Press.

If you post an input field with a name that is the same as a parameter name already used in a Word Press query, Word Press will confuse them, so you can’t use that name.

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