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Such items might have been Examples include the top of the leadscrew hanger bearing bracket, the changewheel bracket, the leadscrew, on the concealed surface of the rack where it abuts against the bed and on the inside of the apron, etc.

Adding the highest number seen in each category post-1947 to pre-1947, gives a total production of just a over 330,000; however, by the 1970s, South Bend's range was very limited and most of the lathes produced during the last 30 years of the 20th century were the eternally-popular model 10K - a direct descendent of the original 9-inch lathe of the 1030s.(no cross-slide) vernier on the compound is stamped 0-65 (! was founded in 1906 by identical twins John O'Brien and Miles O'Brien. Today's South Bend Lathe corporation is the successor to the original South Bend Lathe Works, an American machine tool builder that for many decades was one of the most important builders of metalworking lathes in the U. The 9-inch lathe was so successful that many other companies made almost direct copies (clones), including the Boxford Lathe Model A in England; Purcell, Demco, and Sheraton in Australia; Blomqvist and Storebro in Sweden; and Sanches Blanes S. Later South Bend Lathe became a division of Le Blond Limited, which is part of the Makino corporation, a multinational machine tool–building firm. The South Bend Lathe Works was established in 1906 in South Bend, Indiana by identical twin brothers John J. In the 1920s through 1960s, South Bend lathes were found in countless machine shops and factories, and they were also one of the most commonly used brands in vocational schools. The company made an interesting case study for business-management academics during the mid-1970s when it became employee-owned under an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) model.

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