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To backdate a time entry, just type “(yesterday)”, or “(last tuesday)”, or a date like “(25/12/14)” in your entry before logging it.

If you’ve already logged the entry, you can simply click the entry to edit it and change the date using the calendar.

The process of granting an option that is dated prior to the date that the company granted that option.

In this way, the exercise price of the granted option can be set at a lower price than that of the company's stock at the granting date.

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In essence, the revision enabled companies to increase executive compensation without informing their shareholders if the compensation was in the form of stock options contracts that would only become valuable if the underlying stock price were to increase at a later time.

Technically, any options granted today should bear a strike price of .

In a backdated situation, however, the options would be granted today (August 16), but their listed day of granting would be June 1 in order to give the options a lower strike price.

How much data will be lost from the last snapshot taken up to the moment of failure?

What does it take to recover multiple databases to the same point in time?

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