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Suggesting that full on army gear is a struggle to wear in the climbing temperatures, the brunette bombshell sought solace in a portable toilet - just so she could treat herself to a moment in front of the air con. magazine, the actress, 29, confessed that she will be filming the drama over the spring and summer period - leaving her and her 30-year-old beau with little time for a holiday together.

December 17, 1903, showing the Wright 1903 Flyer just after lift off from the launching dolly at Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

That first flight crossed just 120 feet and had only five witnesses outside of the brothers, but those brief 12 seconds spawned the age of the airplane.

An age where kids gape at clouds from inside giant 747s and people cross oceans in hours.

The fact is, Wright, who in person is open-faced, generous, and disarmingly down-to-earth, will deal with back pain for the rest of his life.Courtesy of David Mc Cullough/The Wright Brothers/Simon & Schuster “It naturally wants to go higher and higher.” That’s how Orville Wright described the first glider tested by him and his older brother Wilbur at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, but in a way, the words encapsulate our innate quest to fly.Humans had stared enviously at birds for centuries, and it would take the Wright Brother another three years to successfully fly and land the first engine-powered airplane in 1903.Third baseman David Wright took part in a limited workout for the Mets Monday.He fielded ground balls and did some light running in the 10-minute session in Port St. The seven-time All-Star didn't do any overhand throwing.

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