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But her work (and the acclaim that’s come along with it) has somehow never made her a Movie Star.

That’s usually reserved for actors we can label, understand and consume, confident in exactly what we’ll get.

Bacteria in urban runoff have a limited life span so after three days they either diffuse in the water or die off. Some of these tend to bind with the sediments so they probably settle out over time and sink to the ocean floor.

Three days is a general rule of thumb, not a hard and fast rule. The other elements of the "toxic cocktail" -- toxics, heavy metals, etc. Yes, the ocean is getting more polluted as we urbanize the coast.

That includes everything from aspirin and Advil to birth control pills, blood pressure medication, Viagra, heartburn medication, etc.

And that’s fine – sometimes you buy a jelly donut because you want a jelly donut – but Hunter’s CV is a reminder of how much we stand to lose if an actor buys into any one idea of her abilities or niche as an artist.

Born on a farm in Conyers, Georgia (which might partially account for the voice we’d listen to even if the screen went blank), Hunter earned a drama degree at Carnegie Mellon before moving to New York, and later to Los Angeles.

As an LA surfer I understand the reasoning behind the 72-hour post-rain surf advisory.

But what happens after 72 hours to all that crap that comes with the run-off? What about the heavy metals, oil, pesticides, toxins, etc?

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