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The study, presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference in Honolulu, is the first to provide evidence that men, like women, have a biological clock.

Dr Dahan and colleague Noof Al-Asmari studied 631 women aged 40 to 46 using IVF. When the women were split into two groups – those who had babies and those who didn’t – the average age of the men who did not become fathers was just 43 and a half. Dr Dahan said: ‘Younger women’s eggs can fix any defects of genetic material of the sperm. It suggests once the woman is reaching 40 and the man is in his early 40s as well, the male is having a biological clock.’■ A bowl of ice cream a day could boost an older woman’s chances of having a baby.

The women know what everybody’s saying: It’s the economy, stupid.

Based on those Census Bureau stats, 64,000 young Philly men have returned to or never left the nest—and they all have mothers, ex-girlfriends, grandmothers, dads and other friends and relations worrying about their plight.

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Other older celebrities who have chosen toyboys include Halle Berry, 48, who had a baby with Gabriel Aubry, nine years her junior. The women are talking about men, young men, the men they’d like to date and marry, and are they ever pissed. They don’t care about relationships.” “They’re so lazy.” “All they do is play video games.” “They aren’t men. In Philadelphia, half of all young adults are unemployed. Sociologists cite five “markers” or “milestones” that have traditionally defined our notion of adulthood: finishing school, moving away from the parental home, becoming financially independent, getting married, and having a child. They followed the script: did well in high school, got into college, worked hard there, got out, got jobs, started looking around for someone special to share life with, and … Young men have been whacked particularly hard in this “mancession.” The statistics are scary: From 1960 to 2009, the number of working-age men with full-time jobs fell from 83 percent to 66 percent.The experts have plenty of explanations for what’s come to be called “extended adolescence” or “emerging adulthood”—or what columnist David Brooks calls the “Odyssey Years.” They blame helicopter parents, the burden of student loan debt, much higher poverty rates among young people (nearly half of all Americans ages 25 to 34 live below the national level), and a dearth of vo-tech training and manufacturing jobs.Almost 60 percent of parents are now giving money to their grown kids—an average of ,340 per child in the years between ages 18 and 34.

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