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The company also said on its website that it was acquired by Camping World Holdings Inc. Gander Mountain said that means it will continue to be a part of the “specialty outdoor market,” though it did not detail how that would happen.

Camping World owner Marcus Lemonis has taken to Twitter to deny that all of Gander Mountain stores are closing.

This trend has had a noticeable impact in markets that have seen a sudden surge of Mainland Chinese buyers.

Foreign exchange reserves rose for the third month in a row.

During the liquidation you are allowed to act as the director of another company unless you are subject to a disqualification order, have given a disqualification undertaking or are an undischarged bankrupt.

A disqualified person needs permission from the court to act as a director or to take part in promoting, forming or managing a company.

As a director of a company that entered Compulsory Liquidation or Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, you’ll be banned for five years from involvement with any company or other type of business with the same – or similar name – to the failed company.

Richard Corbitt built his first buggy in 1899 and continued to build buggies through 1907. Every major fleet in North and South Carolina bought the pre-1940 Corbitt tractor. White and Brockway built the same model truck for the Army.

Now a new and authoritative voice has joined the debate.

Neil Woodford, Britain’s most prominent income investor, has come down firmly on the side of those who think the oil giants’ dividends are unsustainable. “I believe that both BP and Shell have unsustainable dividends that are being financed by a combination of debt and asset disposal.

They further stated that this will be the trend going forward.

Great news for China, bad news for real estate markets that depend on Chinese money.

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